It’s simple: we believe that business can be the engine that drives better lives.

At Seed Counsel, we’re here to help you build your business; what if we were able to make an even larger impact on the world without you having to do anything special?

How cool is this? Each time we onboard a new member or simply have a meeting, you help provide business training to women in Uganda and Guatemala.  

We believe that the magic of entrepreneurship is that it empowers us to build a better world and to expand opportunity. So, as we work on building your startup into something special, we’ll help women in Uganda and Guatemala build businesses that helps them create better lives.

Seed Counsel is proud to partner with B1G1 to donate money directly to a number of impactful projects. 100% of the money donated goes to the projects, with intermediary.

B1G1’s unique giving model permits Seed Counsel to carefully select and curate the projects we choose to support. We pay a separate membership fee that helps cover B1G1’s costs, meaning that all money donated goes straight to the people who need it most.

Here’s the beauty of this: you don’t have to do anything extra.

You just do what you do and Seed Counsel will donate on your behalf. It’s automatic: every time you schedule a meeting through our forms, our computers talk to B1G1’s computers and we’re making amazing things happen!


A snapshot of our impact:

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